Anglican Deanery of Huron

The Anglican Deanery of Huron consists of 13 churches in 5 parishes.   It covers a largely rural area in southwestern Ontario which is bordered on the west by Lake Huron.

Trinity Anglican Church, Bayfield, Ontario

Trinity Anglican Church, BayfieldTrinity Bayfield Website

The parish was established in 1849 and now consists of 2 churches Trinity Church 10 Keith Crescent,Bayfield and St. James Anglican Church 77397 Tipperary Line at Bayfield Rd, Middleton, Ontario.

The construction of the Bayfield church building started in 1855 and was completed in 1858. A parish hall was added in 1956. St James Church, Middleton, OntarioThe photo is of the nave highlighting the stained glass window donated by Mrs. Helen Hinde in memory of her husband, Reverend William Hinde, Rector in the parish from 1906 to 1908.

Angela Brands was appointed Deacon in Charge, effective December 1, 2007.   On February 29, 2008, she was called to ordination to the priesthood and named rector.

Parish of Exeter and Grand Bend

Exeter and Grand Bend, Ontario

The parish consists of Trivitt Memorial, Exeter and St. John-by-the-Lake, Grand Bend.

Brad Dunbar was appointed lay pastor effective 15 January 2008.   He was ordained to the priesthood 4 June 2008 becoming rector.   Rev. Dunbar also provides oversight for St. Patrick's, Saintsbury

In 2001, the Town of Exeter amalgamated with the townships of Stephen and Usborne to form South Huron (2006 pop. 9,982).

St George's, Goderich, Ontario

St Georges, Goderich, Ontario87 North Street, Goderich, Ontario

The original frame church was destroyed by fire and the replacement was built on the rectory's front lawn in 1882.

The building is of Kincardine brick and trimmed with Ohio freestone. It is laid out in the shape of a cross and has an unusual sloping floor. The tower spire stands 162 feet tall. Interior features include beautiful stained-glass windows and many wall murals that were first painted in 1929 by Peter Charles Brown.

St. George's, Goderich is in a 2-point parish with Christ Church, Port Albert.
Christ Church, Port Albert Port Albert is a hamlet about 15km north of Goderich, it is the site of the province's first privately owned, commercial-scale wind turbine.

Rector is the Rev. Allan Livingstone who is also regional dean of Huron.

Parish of the Holy Spirit

Blyth and Brussels, Ontario

The Parish of the Holy Spirit consists of:

Karine Farmer was appointed lay pastor 1 February 2008.   She was ordained to the priesthood 4 June 2008 and named rector.

The Parish of New Beginnings

Blyth and Brussels, Ontario

The four point rural parish consists of Trinity Church, Blyth, St John the Evangelist Church, Brussels, St. Paul's-Trinity, Wingham and St. Peter's Church, Lucknow. The parish was formed June 13, 2008, when the 2-point parishes in Blyth and Brussels and in Wingham and Lucknow merged.

The Anglican congregation in Blyth had its beginnings in 1860 with the first service in the current building being held Dec. 29, 1878.   A church hall was constructed in 1994.   Among the events held there are a number of caterings in conjunction with the annual Blyth Summer Theatre Festival.   The village of Blyth was amalgamated into North Huron in 2001.

The church building in Brussels dates from 1947 constructed when the previous building opened in 1876 was destroyed by fire. The first Anglican church in Brussels was erected in 1864.

Wingham and Lucknow, OntarioIn 2001, Wingham was the largest community amalgamated into the new Municipality of North Huron (2006 pop. 5.015).   Lucknow was amalgamated into Huron-Kinloss (2006 pop. 6,515).

Rev. Perry Chuipka was appointed the parish's first rector in May 2008.   He was formerly rector of St. John the Divine, Copper Cliff in the Diocese of Algoma.

Parish of of New Beginnings